Deborah H. Goodfellow ("The Author") is not a doctor or medical healthcare practitioner, nor does she claim to be. The Author is sharing her own personal experience on how she healed from severe adrenal fatigue/adrenal dysfunction and the treatment that worked for her. She is not saying that the techniques or therapeutic plans discussed in her book will be the answer for everyone and does not assume liability. Rather, she and her Team advise that you seek the advice of a licensed medical professional before making any changes to your current healthcare regime to make sure that they are changes that would benefit you and lead you toward optimal health. And under no circumstances should you discontinue the use of any prescribed medications unless advised to do so by your licensed medical professional.

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Love, Compassion & Power
Healing The Hurt & Transforming Lives

How I ended a 30 year journey with depression by becoming my own advocate for healing - and finding real help and answers - through the correct diagnosis of adrenal dysfunction, integrative medicine, balancing my hormones through bio- identical hormone replacement therapy and getting to the true sources of my problems: mind, body & spirit.

Today, I am living life - happy, healthy and whole - and so can you.

After decades of research, I realized there were multiple sources of my depression, beyond what had been explored in my five-minute sessions with a doctor, and my 50-minute sessions with a therapist. Yet, the only treatments I ever received up until this juncture were antidepressants and a therapy that had me blaming my father.

This narrow and dismissive focus for treatment put me on the wrong path - a path that I remained stuck and struggling on for 30 years. In the meantime, I lost myself in work and hit those menopausal years, further adding to my deterioration. My real problems went unaddressed and incorrectly treated. I did not have a shortage of serotonin, nor was I a victim. I was dealing with normal women’s issues - and life - the same as everyone else. There were solutions that had been overlooked for every problem in my life. I simply had the wrong type of help and a lack of information. And, so did my doctors.

As it turned out, the major part of my story was adrenal dysfunction and normal female hormonal challenges that merely needed to be properly understood and factored into my life. There were more sources to my problems - simple fixes really - but it was I who had to root them all out, understand them and use them as instruments of healing.

I was forced to become my own advocate for healing, after exhausting all other avenues in the conventional field of medicine. To make any problem better, you do need to understand its causes. There are answers - and we can all live healthier, happier and more productive lives. It is available to us all. Become your own advocate and start living the life that you were meant to live with no apologies for making you and your health a priority. My wish and prayer is that my personal journey of healing will provide hope and start you on your own proper path of healing, optimum health and well-being. Own it. You have the power to create your own vision for health.

Love, Compassion & Power
Healing The Hurt & Transforming Lives

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