Deborah H. Goodfellow ("The Author") is not a doctor or medical healthcare practitioner, nor does she claim to be. The Author is sharing her own personal experience on how she healed from severe adrenal fatigue/adrenal dysfunction and the treatment that worked for her. She is not saying that the techniques or therapeutic plans discussed in her book will be the answer for everyone and does not assume liability. Rather, she and her Team advise that you seek the advice of a licensed medical professional before making any changes to your current healthcare regime to make sure that they are changes that would benefit you and lead you toward optimal health. And under no circumstances should you discontinue the use of any prescribed medications unless advised to do so by your licensed medical professional.

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Deborah H. Goodfellow grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was there that she met her husband of 42 years and raised their family. She worked from a young age in order to afford herself every opportunity. Deborah is a self-made woman and encourages others to be their own advocates – whether in life, love, health or business.

Deborah has enjoyed highly successful careers in Commerce and Real Estate Brokerage, spanning the past forty years. Community involvement, paying forward her blessings and making a difference in the lives of others feeds her soul.

Writing has been a lifelong passion. Following her intuition Deborah has embraced her lifelong passion, aspiring to make a positive difference in the lives of others through her writing. She shares her personal experiences in her book “Love, Compassion & Power” and hopes that others will garner wisdom from her story to apply to their own lives in ways that make sense for them.

In her spare time Deborah enjoys communing with nature, traveling with her husband and daughter, engaging in physical activities such as kayaking, golfing, fishing and spending time with family and friends (and her dog Simon).